Okaply manufactures panels and components for many different industries, including wall art, games, furniture, cabinets, caskets, store fixtures, displays and more. Many manufacturers prefer to subcontract certain components to Okaply to take advantage of all the services we provide under one roof such as lamination, cutting, edging, drilling, machining and packaging. With more than 44 years of experience, Okaply is a proven, dependable supplier that you can count on.

Below are a few examples of components that Okaply supplies to manufacturers in various markets:
Okaply supplies a customer who manufactures “wall art” with Carb 2 MDF parts thick and thin, raw and laminated. These parts go into a multitude of products that they sell to the large mass merchants in the USA and Canada.
Okaply supplies a company that makes pool tables and ping pong tables with Laminated MDF panels that they use in the manufacturing of their game tables and other products.
Okaply supplies a casket maker with components for their value line of caskets. We laminate MDF Panels with a woodgrain laminate, and then parts are cut, machined, drilled and finished with a foiled, bullnosed, edge.
Okaply supplies a business that sells drafting tables with several melamine parts that go into their popular drafting tables. Parts are cut, edged and drilled to specification and then shipped to the customer for packaging.
Okaply supplies furniture manufacturers with laminated panels for their line of bedroom furniture.